Big Mass rally at Ranchi

Manik Sarkar 02Ranchi, 8 April, 2017: Politburo member of CPI(M) & Chief Minister of Tripura Com Manik Sarkar addressed a rally of CPI(M) at Ranchi on 8th April 2016. The rally was held in protest against the anti-people pro-corporate policies of BJP led government at the State and the centre.Addressing the gathering Com Sarkarsaid, ” The country needs a strong Left and democratic front based on struggles and a common commitment to fight the RSS-BJP onslaught in the social, cultural and economic sphere. This is the only Front that is sustainable.”
“Jharkhand is rich in mineral resources but when the state government organised Momentum Jharkhand it focussed on private sectors instead of showcasing successful PSUs like HEC, that has made launching pad for the ISRO,” Sarkar said. He gave example of Tripura, where joint ventures between the government and PSUs have provided fillip to the power sector. The BJP Governments at the Centre and the State are not only cheating the people but are tearing apart the social harmony in the nation by playing divisive politics.

“This Government is of frauds, middlemen, cheats. It’s the enemy of poor, farmers, workers, small businessmen, tribals and the downtrodden classes. People will no more tolerate anti-poor policies. The masses are arising for a revolution and we will soon see them uprooting the Government that is just promoting the business class,” said Sarkar, who also told the gathering in detail how a long struggle in Tripura yielded a “people’s Government” securing the rights of the forest dwellers and tribal communities.

Earlier, addressing the gathering CPI (M) Politburo member Brinda Karat said that incumbent Government in Jharkhand was acting like an “RSS Shakha” and trying to make this State an “RSS “Khand”. “You cannot snatch the land of people. Your MLA may vote for you but the people will not let this happen,” she said opposing the Amendments in CNT and SPT Acts.


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