Protest against forcible land acquisition at Godda


Prakash Viplav

In the district of Godda, Santhal Pargana region, a power plant with capacity of 1600 mw electricity is set-up by Prime Minister’s most favourite person Mr. GOUTAM ADANI, and for this purpose Adani Power Ltd. need five thousand acre of land. To fulfil this need Godda administration is trying to acquire land by hook or crook in the direction of BJP led government in Poraiyahaat & Godda block of the district. The villagers are opposing this process because this procedure happening by conducting false   gram sabha and public hearing.

pic of meeting at goddaAt present 1700 acres of land  to be acquired are multi cropping and there is no arrangement of water storage and is densely populated. Many people will suffer due to the power plant and they have to face displacement too, but Raghubar das government forwarding with ADANI and neglecting the voice of Rayaats.

CPI (M) unit of godda district struggling to protect the rights and the entitlement of common people and campaigning for it continuously. Following these campaigns CPI (M) Polit Bureau Member Brinda Karat met with the people who will suffer by this anti people steps of the government on 28th of April. She visited the village of Motia and met hundreds of residents in Sarvodaya ashram and supported their struggle. On the same day a protest meeting was conducted at district headquarter by CPI (M) and attended by a large no of rayaats. While addressing the meeting com. Brinda Karat said, ”BJP led Raghubar Das  Government violating the rules and constitution and grabbing the land from the hands of the poor farmers in favour of corporate and suppressing the voice of a common mass. Many people lost their life in barkagoan, Gola and Khunti in police firing is  a recent example of attitude of the anti-people government. The state government is proceeding by unconstitutional amendment in SPT and CNT Act and violating the Land Acquisition Act of 2013. She noted that this power plant will lead to destruction instead of devolpment.When the Rayaat are opposing all these procedures, why the Government is   standing with Adani & playing a role of Anti people Dasrath mandal presided the metting. Save land movement leader Mr. Chintamani Sah, CPIM state secretary Com. G. K. Baksi, Com. Prakash Viplav, Com. Surjeet Sinha, Com. Ehtesham Ahmad, Com. Permanand Jha, Com Umesh Mishra, Com.  Ashok Sah addressed the meeting.


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