Man died of lynching at Ramgarh

Ramgarh lynching 01State Secretary of CPI(M) Gopikant Baksi at the burial of Alimuddin Asgar Ali as a member of the fact finding team that visited Ramgarh after he died of lynching by a 100 strong mob yesterday on accusations of carrying beef.
This is the second such incident in Jharkhand in the last few days after a 55 year old diary farmer was lynched at Giridih.
The team strongly condemned the incidents of lynching throughout the country by cow protection groups to monger communal hatred and serve vested political interests.
Ramgarh lynching 02Yesterday just as the Prime Minister warned that killings in the name of cow protection would not be tolerated the incident at Ramgarh by saffron outfits clearly shows double standards of the ruling party.
A FIR has been lodged with the name of an influential Bajrang Dal leader emerging as the main culprit but no arrests have been made so far.
In the recent past there have been attempts to disrupt communal harmony at Ramgarh but adequate steps have not been taken by the administration.
The team met the District Authorities and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits and prompt legal action.


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