District News

shashadhar munda sahadat 01Ranchi, 21st March, 2017: Senior Leader of CPI(M) Com. Rajendra Singh Munda and Sufal Mahato at a program at Sonahatu in Ranchi District commemorating the martyrdom of Com. Sashadhar Munda who was murdered by feudal goons on 15/03/1988. He was killed defending Com Rajendra Singh Munda, who was then the MLA of the region.

कॉम. शशधर मुंडा अमर रहें|

शहीद कामरेड शशधर मुंडा के शहादत दिवस पर उनको याद करते राजेंद्र सिंह मुंडा, सुफल महतो व अन्य साथी| शशधर मुंडा १५/०३/१९८८ को तत्कालीन सीपीआई (एम्) विधायक राजेंद्र सिंह मुंडा के ऊपर सामंती तत्वों द्वारा किये गए
हमले में शहीद हुए थे|

jatha jharkhand 21032017 02Ranchi, 21st March, 2017: The South Chotanagpur Jatha of CPI(M) was flagged by State Secretary G.K.Baksi by garlanding the statue of Birsa Munda at Ranchi. The jatha travelled through different parts of Ranchi & Gumla Districts to campaign for the rally to be organised at Ranchi, and to be addressed by Brinda Karat & Manik Sarkar.

 jatha jharkhand 21032017 01

jamshedpur 21032017Demonstration of left parties CPI (M), CPI, CPI(ML) & SUCI at Jamshedpur in protest against the raised holding tax by urban local bodies in the state and the decision of Jharkhand government to sell liquor.


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