Building the Communist Party

8.1 The Communist Party of India (Marxist) places its revolutionary programme before the people of India to establish people’s democracy. A people’s democratic revolution will open the way for the advance to socialism and an exploitation free society. Such a revolution to emancipate the Indian people has to be led by the working class in alliance with the peasantry. In order to achieve this goal, the Communist Party as the vanguard of the working class has to lead militant struggles against imperialism, monopoly capitalism and landlordism. By concretely applying the principles of Marxism-Leninism to the conditions prevailing in our country, the Party has to conduct prolonged struggles on all fronts – political, ideological, economic, social and cultural – till victory is attained.

8.2 It is an imperative task of the Communists to intensify the ideological struggle in the wake of the vigorous anti-Communist campaign conducted by imperialism headed by the United States of America following the setbacks to socialism. The Communists expose and fight anti-Communism which constitutes a principal ideological weapon of the ruling classes. The Communists wage a consistent struggle against feudal and bourgeois ideologies to free the people from their influences and heighten their political consciousness; to counter the propaganda of the protagonists of the imperialist-driven globalisation, liberalisation and free market economy.

8.3 Religious fundamentalism, obscurantism, communalism and casteism divide the people and retard their democratic consciousness. Along with bourgeois nationalism and chauvinism they are exploited by the reactionary forces who are abetted by imperialism to disrupt the growth of the democratic movement. The Communists must wage a determined struggle against these divisive ideas and forces.

8.4 It is essential to build a mass revolutionary party to wage the struggle on all fronts and to direct the revolutionary movement. Such a Party must constantly expand its base among the people by developing the mass movements and commensurately consolidate its influence politically and ideologically. This requires a strong, disciplined Party based on democratic centralism. To discharge its historic responsibility towards the working class and all sections of the working people, the Party must constantly educate and reeducate itself, renew its ideological-theoretical level and build up its organisational strength.

8.5 The establishment of a people’s democratic government, the successful carrying out of these tasks and the leadership of the working class in the people’s democratic State will ensure that the Indian revolution will not stop at the democratic stage but will pass over to the stage of effecting socialist transformation by developing the productive forces.

8.6 The Communist Party of India (Marxist) places this Programme before the people and sets forth the principal urgent tasks of the day in order that our people have a clear picture of the objective they are fighting for a democratic national advance. Our Party calls upon the working people, the working class, the peasantry, women, students, youth, the intelligentsia and the middle classes interested in a truly democratic development and in creating a prosperous life to unite in a people’s democratic front for the fulfillment of these tasks and for attainment of the objective.

8.7 The Communist Party of India (Marxist) carries forward the fighting traditions of our people and all that is fine and valuable in our culture and civilisation. The CPI(M) combines patriotism with proletarian internationalism. In all its activities and struggles, the Party is guided by the scientific philosophy and principles of Marxism-Leninism which alone shows the correct way to complete emancipation. The Party unites in its ranks the most advanced, the most active and most selfless sons and daughters of the working people and ceaselessly strives to develop them as staunch Marxist-Leninists and proletarian internationalists. The Party devotes all its energies and resources to the task of uniting all patriotic and democratic forces in the struggle for a democratic course of development — to the great task of building a mighty people’s democratic front for the realisation of the Programme.

8.8 Imperialism, headed by the USA, is striving for world domination. India’s economy, political system and even sovereignty are under threat. In such a situation, it becomes the major task of the working class and its Party to unite all anti-imperialist and progressive forces to squarely and boldly meet this offensive. We can discharge our revolutionary responsibility only by upholding proletarian internationalism, by forging the unity of purpose and action between the Communist forces around the world and drawing proper lessons from the experiences of the Communist movement in leading revolutionary struggles, in building socialism and analysing the reasons for the reverses suffered by socialism. The CPI(M) pledges to continue the fight against right revisionist and Left sectarian deviations. It shall carry forward the task of mobilising the Indian people in struggles to change the correlation of class forces to build the people’s democratic front.

8.9 The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is confident that the people of our country, led by the working class and its revolutionary vanguard, guided by the teachings of Marxism-Leninism, will achieve this Programme. Our Party is confident that our great country, India, too will emerge as a victorious people’s democracy and advance on the road to socialism.


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