Movement & Struggle

22nd June-2015,Ranchi

“ Taka Sikka Kabua – Ute Hasa Abua “

(Rupee Paisa Never – Asset Land is Ours)-A mundari slogan

Alofting AIKS placards,Red Flags and Shining traditional arms,there marched 8000 strong

protestors assembled at historical Morahbadi Ground ,Ranchi.This Rally,covered main thoroughfare of capitol city and culimanated to Protest Meeting before Governor House,Ranchi under the banner of ‘Greater Ranchi Pariyojna Sangharsha Samiti’,’Sanyukt Padha Sabha’,’Adivasi Adhikar Manch’ & ‘Jharkhand Rajya Kisan Sabha’.

These protestors mainly tribal and dalit peasants came from Tupudana, Lal khatanga, Namkom of Dist. Ranchi and villiges of Ranchi Khunti Road demanding scrapping of anti-people land- grabbing schemes of BJP led Jharkhand state govt. namely ‘Greater- Ranchi Pariyojna’,’New- Capital’,’ & Master Plan-2037’. This protest rally also demanded to scrap ‘Land Acquisition (amendment) Bill-2015’. A delegation met Honble Governor and submitted a 16 Point Charter of Demand.

16 Point COD asserted

  1. To immediately finalise and implement Domicile & Employment Policy of Jharkhand.
  2. To make provision of 4 times payment of market rate as compensation ,in “Rules of Jharkhand Land Acquisition,Rehabilitation & Resettlement Act.”
  3. To give full fiscal and administrative powers( under PESA in scheduled areas) to Gram Panchayats.
  4. Approval of Tribal Consultative Council to be made mandatory,before acquisition of land.
  5. Rehabilitate and provide employment to 2327 displacement affected families in HEC.
  6. To provide protection to the tribal agricultural land as per writ pettion direction of Supreme Court.
  7. Right to forest land.
  8. Stop subversion of CNT Act,PESA & provisions of 5th schedule under constitution.
  9. Strict implementation of trbal subplan. 10)To scrap Central Mining & mineral
  10. Regulation & Development) Ammendment Act 2015. 11)To constitute a separate Tribal Ministry. etc.

This mass meeting was resided over by Sukhnath Lohra- Treasurer Adivasi Adhikar Manch and addressed by Soma Munda- Edal Sanga Padha Raja, from Jharkhand State Kisan Sabha- Praful Linda Gen. Secretary,Rajendra Singh Munda -President,Surjeet Sinha Vice President,Susanti Devi – President Greater Ranchi PariyojnaSangharsh Samiti and other leaders of participating organisation. Large number of tribal women and children also participated.

Prior to this a series of demonstrations have taken place viz. on 11th April,2015, 5000 villagers staged protest demonstration before Block Office, Namkum against Master Plan-2037 of Ranchi Municipality.On 11th May,2015, 6000 villagers staged protest demonstration before Ranchi Collectorate and on 8th June,2015, 7000 rural population staged demonstration before Governor House,Ranchi.

Master Plan-2037 of Ranchi Municipality plan, through tampering of land- nature of 70% of agriculture- land & 15% of green-land of 49000 Acre, is an attack on the livlihood of 53000 rural population and eco-system of 50 villages in Namkom,Dist. Ranchi.

“Greater-Ranchi’ plan is prompted by Narenda Modi govt.’s pompous declaration of ‘Smart-City’.This is to grab 48000 Acre ( 80%-agriculture land) of land aproninig Ring Road Ranchi. A population of 45000 of 52 villages will be victim of forced eviction.

Similarily ‘New –Capital’ project along Ranchi- Khunti Road will ruin 9000 population of 10 villages to grab 5700 Acre of Land.

Jharkhand being Food Deficit state will be further pushed to starvation.Grossly1.05 lakh Acre of land is being snatched from 1.1 lakh population of 112 villages,in the garb of blind urbanisation .

Jharkhand State Govt.has enough alternate land reserves for this purpose. Utilisation of Forest Land around Namkom Khunti,Barren defence land,State Govt paid HEC land , Open lands etc.would have been rational choice for expansion of urbanisation.

Towing the policy of Central Govt.,BJP lead Raghuvar Das Govt in Jharkhand is desparate to implement anti-people,anti-peasant,anti-tribal & anti-dalit land grabbing schemes, to butteress the interest of their allies, Corporates & Land-Mafias.

Unprecedented success of 4th May 2015 Jharkhand Bandh was a strong signal against anti-farmer policies of Modi Govt. Series of programmes i.e,on 11th April,11th May,8th June & Today’s militant rally is indicative of deepening of challenging mood of common people of Jharkhand to confront and beat the land grabbers ruling in central and state govt. Asserting ‘Taka Sikka Kabua- Ute Hasa Abua’


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