Protest against AIR by CPI(M) at Ranchi

20881965_1599022093475882_3217611590508296305_nA protest demonstration was organised by CPI(M) Jharkhand State Committee at AIR & Doordarshan Station at Ranchi in protest against the incidence on the occasion of Independence Day, wherein the Prasar Bharati refused to broadcast the speech of Manik Sarkar, the Chief Minister of Tripura. Continue reading


Protest against forcible land acquisition at Godda


Prakash Viplav

In the district of Godda, Santhal Pargana region, a power plant with capacity of 1600 mw electricity is set-up by Prime Minister’s most favourite person Mr. GOUTAM ADANI, and for this purpose Adani Power Ltd. need five thousand acre of land. To fulfil this need Godda administration is trying to acquire land by hook or crook in the direction of BJP led government in Poraiyahaat & Godda block of the district. The villagers are opposing this process because this procedure happening by conducting false   gram sabha and public hearing. Continue reading

Big Mass rally at Ranchi

Manik Sarkar 02Ranchi, 8 April, 2017: Politburo member of CPI(M) & Chief Minister of Tripura Com Manik Sarkar addressed a rally of CPI(M) at Ranchi on 8th April 2016. The rally was held in protest against the anti-people pro-corporate policies of BJP led government at the State and the centre.Addressing the gathering Com Sarkarsaid, ” The country needs a strong Left and democratic front based on struggles and a common commitment to fight the RSS-BJP onslaught in the social, cultural and economic sphere. This is the only Front that is sustainable.” Continue reading

CPIM visited waterless village at Jharkhand

latehar water crisis 01झारखंड, लातेहार।

आदिवासी व आदिम जाति के परिवार, पशुओं और जंगली जानवरों की जुठे व दुषित पानी से बुझा रहे हैं आपनी प्यास।

CPIM ने किया पेयजल संकट चटुआग गांव का दौरा

विभाग और पंचायत प्रतिनिधियो की लापरवाही से जानवरों की जुठे पानी पीने को विवश हैं आदिवासी ग्रामीण। सरहुल पुजा भी ईसी जुठे पानी से किया जाता है, यह मामला झारखंड के जिला लातेहार अंतर्गत प्रखंड चंदवा के कामता पंचायत के ग्राम चटुआग की परहैया टोला पहना पानी की है। जहां पेयजल संकट की समस्या गहराया हुआ है, टोले के आदिवासी, आदिम जाति परिवार, व पशु, कुत्ता, बिल्ली और जंगली जानवर नाला मे बने एक ही चुआंडी से दुषित पानी का सेवन कर अपनी प्यास बुझा रहे हैं, विभाग और पंचायत प्रतिनिधियो की लापरवाही के कारण वर्षो से ग्रामीण, पशुओं और गली जानवरों के जुठे पानी पीने को विवश है. Continue reading

Arbitrary decision of Demonetization: CPI(M)

Ranchi 03 January, 2017: On the last week the Left parties consisting of CPI(M), CPI, CPI(ML), RSP, SUCI (C) & Marxist Co-ordination Committee demonstrated today in front of RBI Ranchi protesting against arbitrary decision of Narendra Modi government to demonetize the 500 & 1000 rupees currency notes, without alternative arrangements causing serious problems to the lives & livelihoods of the common people. Continue reading