Struggles in History


After declaration of formation of Jharkhand, three of our party members Com. Baldeo Munda, Com. Jatru Munda and Com. Budhu Munda were martyred in struggle against forcible occupation of tribal land by landlords, on 16th August 2000, at Daladali in Ranchi. Many workers and sympathizers of our party including women and children were wounded in firing by miscreants backed by the local Zamindar Noor Muhammad, who was also killed during the clash. Different elements immediately tried to give this incident a communal tinge, but suitable intervention by our party prevented communalization of this incident.

Programmes were organized throughout the state protesting the killing of tribals and it paved the way for more such struggles against forcible occupation of tribal land in the state.

All India Tribal Convention

The First All India Tribal Convention was organized by our party on 18-19 November 2002 at Ranchi, which was chosen as the venue by the Central Committee keeping in mind the tribal identity of our state. PB members Com. Biman Basu, Com. Prakash Karat & Com. Manik Sarkar participated in the convention which was attended by delegates from Tripura, Assam, West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bihar & Himachal Pradesh.

The Convention adopted a manisfesto for the Tribal Policy of the party and determined tasks to be undertaken in this regard. Following the convention an All India Tribal Co-ordination Committee was formed.

Recognition of the Santhali language

Santhali was incorporated in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution by passing a bill in the parliament, due to efforts of Com. Basudeo Acharya (MP). The original bill introduced by the BJP contained only Dogri, leading to protests by Com. Acharya following which Santhali and Maithili were included in the bill.

Panchayat Elections In Jharkhand

There was intervention by our party demanding Panchayat Elections to be held in Jharkhand and due to our movements and efforts in this regard, the political prestige of our party in the state increased. Panchayat Elections were held in Jharkhand after a period of 32 years in 2008. Our candidates won 10 Zila parishad, 102 Mukhiya and 99 Panchayat Samiti seats in these election.

Land Struggles in Jamtara

In Jamtara our party conducted movements for restoration of land to share-croppers. One of our Comrades,     was martyred at Kundahit during this movement. We could restore 1500 Bighas of land to share croppers as a result of this movement. In fatehpur 75 Bighas of Tribal Land was restored from the occupation of Money lenders.

Movements in Godda-

In Godda movements organized by our party prevented land-mafia from occupation of land at Mehra in Mahgama Block.


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